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Luxury self-catering holiday apartments in Poland

While travelling, we love staying in self-catering apartments but we expect more than just ordinary holiday flats…

More space and more comfort are always welcome but what we really look for is loveliness. Being interior design enthusiasts, we expect our holiday accommodation to be much more than just decent and clean; we want it to be lovely! The style is equally important and we’re particularly fond of contemporary lofts and industrial decor. Modern, clean-lined design is very close to our hearts too.

Why self-catering?

Self-catering accommodation is not for everybody. (If you’re the all-inclusive type, you’ll probably be better off booking a hotel.) But if you choose freedom over concierge service and if you want more than just a place to sleep, a holiday flat is an excellent choice. It feels so good to have an entire beautiful apartment to yourself for the same (or even less money) than a single hotel room.

Self-catering apartments in Poland differ in the service they offer. For example, some owners will only hand you the keys and then collect them on your departure day, so you won’t see any staff during your entire stay; others provide additional towels and cleaning service, usually at an extra charge. Some rentals offer breakfast but they’re few and far between.

Why Poland?

Poland has got it all: the sea, the mountains, the lakes and the cities. It’s a great country to visit whether you want a romantic weekend break, close-to-nature experience with your family or a sightseeing tour with your friends. It’s also very affordable and offers great value for money. (Visit our Apartments page to check out prices of deluxe holiday flats in Poland.)

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