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4 days in Wroclaw, Poland

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We visited Wroclaw at the beginning of May over the long weekend. We were hoping for spring in full swing but unfortunately it was colder than we expected. Still, Wroclaw is a gorgeous city. Here’s an overview of what we managed to see and do during our 4-day stay there.

Day 1

We arrived in Wroclaw on Sunday afternoon and had a late lunch at the hotel (Q Hotel Wroclaw Plus is in a very convenient location, especially if you like exploring new places on foot. There’s also a tram stop right next to it in case you don’t. The hotel has nice, clean rooms, a very good restaurant and a lovely lobby.

After lunch we headed straight for Rynek (Main Square) as we’d been really looking forwarding to seeing all those beautiful old buildings. It took us about 20 min. to get there (we walked) and we spent the entire afternoon and evening strolling leisurely through the streets, exclaiming ‘Wows!’ and squeezing through the crowd (oh, long weekends may be tough for taking a photo with those lovely dwarfs).

Wroclaw Poland

Day 2

On Monday we decided to go and see Ostrow Tumski which is another gorgeous part of Wroclaw packed with impressive old buildings. I had long dreamt of taking a photo of that beautiful Tumski Bridge but lots of tourists had already flocked to see it by the time we got there so we just passed through it and admired it from a distance.

Ostrow Tumski Wroclaw

If you come here in spring or summer months, don’t miss out on visiting the botanical garden (Ogrod Botaniczny). Strolling around Ostrow Tumski is free but there’s a fee for garden entrance.

Later we walked to Rynek and had some sushi at Sakana Sushi Bar which we can recommend for both food, service and the pleasant interior.

Day 3

The Africarium has been a staple of Wroclaw for a couple of years now. We love aquariums so it was a must-see for us. Beware though! If you decide to go over weekends, or even worse, long weekends/holidays, there’s going to be a loooong queue. Well actually two queues! The first one for tickets to enter the zoo and then another one for the Africarium which is located on zoo premises. If you want a nice, pleasant tour, come early in the morning or on weekdays. We recommend buying tickets online which means you’ll be able to avoid the first queue.

After a visit to the Africarium (by the way it was so much fun to see hippopotami swim gracefully as if they were as light as a feather), we strolled around the zoo a bit but since it started to rain, we decided to go back to the hotel.

Day 4

We really love green in the city. Parks and botanical gardens are always high on our to-see lists. So we couldn’t miss the Japanese Garden and Park Szczytnicki. The garden is lovely but rather small and there’s an entrance fee. The park, on the other hand, is huge and we didn’t have enough time to walk it all over through but it seems perfect if you want to spend a day walking and chilling out.

Park Szczytnicki Wroclaw

Places to eat in Wroclaw

Apart from Sakana Sushi Bar we visited on our Day 2 in Wroclaw, we can also recommend:

They offer healthy desserts such as gluten-free cakes and acai bowls. The Spirulina & Chlorella smoothie is absolutely delicious.

Dinette (the one in Plac Teatralny)
Bistro-style cooking, nice interior and friendly staff.

Bistro Zyzna
Amazing plant-based food there. The interior could be nicer though, plus it’s really small so make sure you book in advance to get a table when you get there.

Ice Rolls
The longest queue for the most original ice cream ever.

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