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5 things to do in Krakow, Poland

Interested in fun things to do in Krakow? Here’s a short list of our personal favourites:

1. Walk

The Old Town and Kazimierz are best explored on foot. Walking old charming streets and stumbling across lovely cafés in places where you didn’t expect them is one of the best things to do in Krakow.

Krakow Poland Wawel Royal Castle

2. Sit/cycle/rollerblade by the Vistula

The riverbank near Wawel Royal Castle is a great place in Krakow. Lots of people go cycling, rollerblading or jogging there. On a sunny day it’s a gorgeous place to have your lunch sandwiches. We like it best on summer evenings though. You can also have a long nice walk to Galeria Kaziemierz from here.

3. Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Not exactly in Krakow because Wieliczka is actually a nearby town but definitely worth the visit because of the salt mine there. What an impressive underground place to discover during your stay in Krakow!

4. Visit the Polish Aviation Museum

This one will make for a great pastime in Krakow if you like all things planes. Boys (including the grown up ones!) will love this place. There’s also a big park nearby (Park Lotnikow Polskich) if you want to spend time outdoors after visiting the museum. By the way, the very museum building will definitely be of interest to architecture enthusiasts.

Pierogi Polish Food Krakow

5. Eat Pierogi

Pierogi is a classic Polish meal. They’re delicious and come with an amazing variety of sweet or savoury fillings. They’re also a great lunch option if one of you is vegetarian because each and every one of Pierogarnia serves the two most popular ones (among many other types of course): ruskie (with potato and cottage cheese) and z miesem (with meat). Krakow even holds Pierogi Festival in summer.




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