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Best cities to visit in Poland: Poznan

Rich history, beautiful architecture and… delicious crescent rolls

Poznan Town Centre

Old Town

Successfully combining tradition and modernity, Poznan is one of the best places to visit in Poland. It boasts an array of grand buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. An eclectic mix of old-time architectural styles gives the city magical aura and lets its visitors feel the history. At the same time Poznan is well known for its modern facilities such as the Euro 2012 stadium and Malta (extensive recreation grounds with numerous tourist attractions, including a water park and a ski slope). Finally, a visit to Poznan wouldn’t be complete without a special treat that makes sweet memories last longer. Rogal Swietomarcinski is one of the culinary delights here. This crescent-shaped pastry was first baked almost 130 years ago and it’s traditionally made with white poppy seed filling.

Things to do & see in Poznan, Poland

Lech Visitors Centre

If you like it professionally served, have a pint at Lech Visitors Centre. This spot is the ultimate destination for all beer lovers and offers guided tours of the real brewery. After a visit to the most important rooms (such as the brewhouse and fermentation room), you can enjoy a lager at the brewery’s great pub.

Poznan Old Town

The Old Town in Poznan is a an intriguing and powerful mix of Renaissance, baroque and neoclassical architecture. It’s a very pleasant place to spend time just walking around. You’ll also find lots of restaurants and cafés here.


Poznan has some of the most beautiful churches in Poland, including Kosciol sw. Stanisława and Kosciol sw. Antoniego Padewskiego (both impressive baroque buildings). If you’re into ecclesiastical architecture, you should definitely visit Bazylika Archikatedralna (a Gothic cathedral).


The most interesting museums in Poznan are Muzeum Narodowe (paintings and sculpture) and Muzeum Archeologiczne (artefacts from Poland and other countries including Egypt and Sudan). If you like interactive museums or travel with kids, consider Rogalowe Muzeum. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place where you can see how the traditional crescent roll is made and then they let you taste it of course! Make sure you book your visit with a presentation in English.


Malta is a large recreation ground by the Maltanskie Lake (Jezioro Maltanskie). Located near the centre of Poznan, it’s a great place to stroll, jog, bike or have a picnic. There are numerous attractions as well, including the Adrenaline (a mini rollercoaster), summer sledge run, summer tubing, viewing terrace and a ski slope. Malta is also a popular sporting events venue. You’ll find a shopping centre, a zoo and a water park called Termy Maltanskie in the immediate vicinity of the lake.

Wilson Park and the Palm House (Park Wilsona and Palmiarnia)

Wilson Park and the palm house located here are great if you want to unwind, see some amazing tropical plants and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. If you come to Poland in winter, the palm house will make a nice change from the cold weather outside. Enjoy!

The Botanical Garden (Ogrod Botaniczny)

The Botanical Garden is another green place in Poznan worth visiting if you like nature. It has an interesting collection of plants from around the world.

Rogal Swietomarcinski Local Pastry Poznan

The local pastry

Best things to eat in Poznan, Poland

Poznan and the Wielkopolska region are generally associated with potatoes. Some of the most popular dishes include pyry z gzikiem (potatoes served with cottage cheese) and plyndze (potato pancakes). If you’d like something more sophisticated but still local, you should have traditional roast duck with apples. To satisfy sweet tooth, choose between faworki (crispy cookies), rogal swietomarcinski (a crescent-shaped pastry) and babka poznanska (a pound cake).