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Best cities to visit in Poland: Wroclaw

If you liked Krakow, then you’ll love Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a lovely place packed with beautiful historic sights and full of creative energy. As one of the most popular university towns in Poland, it attracts plenty of young people each academic year. It’s also very unique in terms of topography; it has a number of small inland islands which add to its pleasant atmosphere. If you like green cities, old architecture and romantic footbridges, consider Wroclaw as your next weekend break destination.

Wroclaw Town Centre

Main Square

Things to do & see in Wroclaw, Poland

By Odra

Discover Wroclaw from a catamaran, cruiser, water tram or a gondola. Located by Odra (the Oder is the second longest river in Poland), Wroclaw offers a variety of river trips and near-the-riverbank attractions. If you feel like a romantic night out, embark in the evening. Staying in Wroclaw with a group of friends? Then have a boat party.

Main Square (Rynek)

The historic centre of Wroclaw is absolutely stunning. It has everything you might expect from a charming town square: colourful old buildings, plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. The ambience is very special too.

Ostrow Tumski

This part of Wroclaw boasts grand churches and beautiful historic streets. There’s also a botanical garden (Ogrod Botaniczny) in the immediate neighbourhood. To get here from the town centre, simply cross Most Tumski (the Tumski Bridge).

Panorama Raclawicka

The Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice is an impressive, 19th-century painting. The historic battle is depicted in a panoramic way which creates a dramatic 3D effect. A must-see if you like history being brought to life.

Dwarfs in Wroclaw

Dwarfs in Wroclaw


Krasnale are dwarfs (or gnomes) in English. These cute little bronze statues are scattered around Wroclaw’s town centre and are great fun to look for, especially for kids. If you want to make sure you see most of them, get the map (yes, there’s a map showing the locations of dwarfs in Wroclaw) or go on a guided tour.

Aquapark Wroclaw

For pools, saunas and massages, visit the aquapark in Wroclaw. The place is especially great if you travel with kids or want to get a spa treatment and relax.

The Wroclaw Fountain (Wroclawska Fontanna)

To see a lovely fountain show featuring music and light effects, make sure you come here in the evening. Daytime spectacles are also fun, though. Please note the fountain is open May–October.


Park Szczytnicki and Ogrod Japonski

Park Szczytnicki (the biggest park in Wrocław) and the Japanese Garden located here are perfect destinations for walkers, couples and families. The famous Wroclaw’s Pergola and the zoo are situated in the near vicinity of the park.

Wyspa Slodowa

This island is very popular with local people as it hosts a variety of cultural events. It’s also a nice spot to have a picnic and spend time outdoors in Wroclaw, Poland.