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Eating out in Zakopane

Ristorante & Pizzeria

Located just a few steps from Krupowki (the main walk in the centre of Zakopane), this restaurant is unique both in terms of food and ambience. The interiors are spacious and might seem a bit raw at first glance until you can notice all those classy details like romantic lanterns, taper candles and the fireplace. Pots of fresh basil on the tables are an instant reminder we’re in an Italian restaurant.

During our lunch there the service was excellent. Nice and professional waiters made us feel really welcome and nothing was too much trouble.

As for food we can definitely recommend pizza, cream of tomato and grilled sea brim.

Karczma Szymaszkowa

This place is really beautiful inside and if you can get a table at the the windows overlooking the Tatras, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing mountain views for your entire lunch. If the weather’s warm enough, opt for the balcony which is even better when it comes to panoramic vistas.

We had some Polish food there including traditional broth as a starter and grilled trout as a main course. If you want to make yourself feel warm and cosy after skiing, try local kirsch tea which is also on the menu. All in all, what you can find in Karczma Szymaszkowa is tasty, comfort food which leaves you happy and satiated.

Samanta (Krupowki 4A)

The first thing I liked about this coffee house was the interior. With its contemporary feel, big windows letting plenty of light, comfy armchairs and a perfect combination of light wood and bright colours, Samanta was a nice change from all these log cabin style places.

The shop is a dessert paradise. It sells ice-cream, cakes, pastries, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and the list goes on. I even saw some people buying bread here so if you feel like having something fresh and delicious for breakfast, Samanta is a place to go.