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Gluten-free places in Warsaw: Part 1
Safe for people with coeliac disease

More and more restaurants and cafés in Poland offer gluten-free options on their menus. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of them serve food without trace amounts of gluten, which means most of the gluten-free food in Polish restaurants is not safe for people with coeliac disease.

Restaurants that do meet these rigorous standards have been listed by the Polish Coeliac Society. Look for the blue Menu Bez Glutenu badge while browsing restaurants’ websites.

In Warsaw you can find a couple of places certified as safe for people with coeliac disease.

La Cantina
This place has a wide selection of gluten-free dishes, including starters, pizza, burgers, meat, seafood and desserts. They even serve gluten-free beer.

Il Mijo
Gluten-free ice cream, cakes and waffles there.

The Chef House
This is definitely the place to go for gluten-free pizza. They also serve salads, burgers, pasta and seafood (no gluten-free options though).

Wiesz Co Jesz
A good choice of gluten-free dishes there, including soups, meat, fish, salads, seafood and desserts.

Trele Morele Café
A place for parents and their kids. Gluten-free cakes available.

Mommo Good Food
Gluten-free open-faced sandwiches served hot and fresh out of the oven.

They specialize in the French cuisine there and have some really delicious breakfast options on the menu. A good place to have gluten-free crepes. Vegetarian dishes are available too.

Sushi Bar Miseczka Oshin and Slony Restobar have also been listed by the Polish Coeliac Society but unfortunately we can’t see the blue badge on their website so make sure you double check directly with them before you go.