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How to climb Sniezka in the Polish Sudetes and how to do it better than we did

Sniezka has always seemed mesmerising to me. I can’t really explain why but for years I just felt I had to climb it. What a relief I didn’t feel that way about Mount Everest! Being the highest peak of the Sudeten, Sniezka is a relatively easy mountain to hike. Here it is in all its glory:

Sniezka Mountain Poland

We started off at Wang Temple. That church was originally built in Norway, hence the unique architecture that you won’t find anywhere else in Poland.

Wang Temple Karpacz

The blue trail we decided on is about 11 km (7 miles) long but it’s worth the effort: the views all along the way are just amazing.

Sniezka Blue Trail

Sniezka Lake Poland

Sniezka Climb Poland

Sniezka Views Poland

Um, have I just used long and worth the effort in one sentence? By the time the trail began to steepen near the top of the hill, I had already been awfully tired. So yes that’s an easy hike but just a terribly long one!

And guess what? Going down Sniezka, on our right we noticed a chairlift in the distance. What we found out later was that it takes tourists from Karpacz up Kopa Mountain from where the climb up Sniezka is much shorter and therefore less exhausting!

So if I were to go on that hike again, I would take a chairlift up Kopa and climb Sniezka from there. Then, on my way back I would follow the blue trail taking in all the great views without pausing every few minutes to catch my breath.