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Our weekend break in Brzegi in the Polish Tatras

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Brzegi is a small village in the Tatras. We loved it for its spectacular mountain scenery and very convenient location (i.e. close to the top places in that part of Poland):

Zakopane – 20 km

Bialka Tatrzanska – 10 km

Bukowina Tatrzanska – 5 km

Jezioro Czorsztynskie – 37 km

Pieninski Park Narodowy – 40 km

Szczawnica – 47 km

Day 1

We arrived in Brzegi at about 2 p.m. and headed straight for the lovely chalet we booked. Nowe Miejsce Brzegi is a gorgeous house designed with the traditional Tatra log house in mind. For further information, please view our post A lovely chalet near Zakopane, Bukowina and Bialka Tatrzanska.

Since the weather was still really nice in the late afternoon, we decided to go to Czarna Gora Punkt Widokowy. As opposed to many other viewpoints in Poland you can reach that one by car and there’s even a parking place right at the hilltop. Czarna Gora offers beautiful panoramic views and is a great spot if you want to sit on the grass and soak up the scenery.

Czarna Gora Viewpoint


Czarna Gora


Day 2

Jezioro Czorsztynskie is a beautiful lake located about 37 km from Brzegi. We decided to visit two magnificent castles located there: Zamek Dunajec in Niedzica and Zamek Czorsztyn (there are entrance fees). Both castles are fun to walk around. The lake views are great too. If we wanted to stay by the lake a couple of days, we’d definitely book one of these lovely houses Osada Cztery Pory Roku.

Zamek Dunajec


Niedzica Lake View


Niedzica Zamek

Dunajec Castle (photos above) and Czorsztyn Castle (below)

Zamek Czorsztyn


Zamek Czorsztyn Lake View


Day 3

We wanted to go for a hike in the Pieninski Park but since it rained we decided to visit Szczawnica. Szczawnica is a nice little town that’s very pleasing to walk around. We loved the parks and the architecture there.

Szczawnica Fountain


Szczawnica Park