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Polish beach resorts: Ustronie Morskie

Vibrant in summer. Tranquil rest of the year.

Ustronie Morskie Poland

The beach in Ustronie Morskie

Ustronie Morskie is a small seaside village. It teems with tourists during summer but in the off-season it’s a very peaceful place with virtually no visitors. The centre is separated from the sea by a promenade and even has a nice pier offering uninterrupted vistas of the Baltic Sea. The main attraction though is the beach. A long swathe of beautiful soft sand makes it perfect for sunbathing and walking.

Things to do & see in Ustronie Morskie, Poland

Skansen Chleba

If you’d like to know what real bread tastes like, visit Skansen Chleba. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for healthy food and local flavours. Apart from buying fresh loaves of delicious home-baked bread, you can also stay here for lunch and have some traditional Polish dishes, including soup in a bread bowl.

Beach Life

In summer Ustronie Morskie has a lively holiday atmosphere with kids building sand castles, young people playing sports and walkers paddling along the seashore. But if you come here in spring or early autumn, you’ll probably have the entire beach to yourself. Off-season is also the best time to see the Baltic Sea in all its glory. Don’t expect any special tourist attractions, though. Simply buy some fresh fish off a boat or go on a bike tour and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery.


Ustronie Morskie is an excellent base for exploring the seaside by bike. The cycle routes here run mainly along the shore and through peaceful green areas, which makes bicycle trips really pleasant. One of the paths leads all the way to Kolobrzeg (a very popular beach resort in Poland).

Pleasure Flights

Scenic flights are yet another way to see the beauty of the Polish coastline. They take off in Bagicz (an airfield located around 3 miles/5 km from the centre of Ustronie Morskie). Only available in July and August.

Beyond Ustronie Morskie

Kolobrzeg The Beach Poland



Kolobrzeg is only 7 miles/12 km west of Ustronie Morskie. This lively seaside resort is famous for its beautiful beach, old lighthouse and spa hotels. Definitely worth a day trip.

Gaski Lighthouse (Latarnia Morska Gaski)

If a panoramic sea view sounds like something you would enjoy, visit the lighthouse in Gaski (7 miles/12 km to the east of Ustronie Morskie). It’s one of the oldest and also the tallest lighthouses by the Polish shore.