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Polish Castles: The fascinating ruins of Ogrodzieniec

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Ogrodzieniec Castle was built in the 14th century so it’s a great spot to see how people organized their living spaces in medieval times. But the best thing about walking around the ruins is that they actually let you see the inside of the castle from different angles. From the upper floors as well as the tower you can enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding area.

Ogrodzieniec Castle Poland


We visited Ogrodzieniec Castle on a gorgeous summer day last year and spent a lovely sunny afternoon there. After strolling around the site, we sat on the grass to take in the beautiful scenery and soak up the sun. Since it’s basically an open-air attraction and you need to climb stairs to get to all the different parts of the ruins, the castle is closed from late autumn to early spring for safety reasons. The admission fee is 12 PLN (around 3 EUR/2.5 GBP/3 USD).

Ogrodzieniec Castle Poland


Ogrodzieniec Castle is located around 70 km (44 miles) north of Krakow, which is about one and a half hours’ drive. You can also go by bus from the main bus/coach station in Krakow.

Ogrodzieniec Castle is one of the major attractions in Jura Krakowska-Czestochowska, a region in Poland that is well known for its rock formations, castles and caves. So if you’re a climber, a castle enthusiast or simply a tourist looking to see another beautiful part of Poland, consider a weekend break there and check out Poziom 511 Design Hotel & Spa which offers luxury accommodation just minutes from the castle.

Ogrodzieniec Rock Formations