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The Best Gluten-Free Restaurant in Krakow, Poland

It’s hard to find real gluten-free places in Poland and even if you somehow manage to come across one, it doesn’t necessarily mean the food there is going to be tasty. Gluten-free cooking (and baking in particular) is tricky and takes much more than just mixing a couple of gluten-free ingredients. That’s why we’re so thrilled that we found Pod Baranem in Krakow.

Certified gluten-free

Pod Baranem is a great place for coeliacs because it’s been listed by the Polish Coeliac Society as safe. This means that the people there know how to cook and serve gluten-free food to avoid cross-contamination.

Delicious gluten-free desserts

Everything from the starters to the desserts was just fabulous. I believe I’ll remember the taste of the onion soup and the Krystyna cake for a long time to come. We were so happy to enjoy real food that didn’t taste like ordinary gluten-free dishes at all. Nothing like the terribly dry gluten-free cakes they sometimes give you in gluten-free cafés.

Gluten-free pierogi in Krakow

Pod Baranem serves 4 varieties of pierogi: with meat, cheese, strawberry or blueberry. They’re available in both traditional and gluten-free versions. The restaurant specialises in traditional Polish food so if you’re the only person on a gluten-free diet in your group but you all want to try some local dishes in Krakow, this is the place to go. They have a regular menu too so you’ll all be able to enjoy Polish food together.

Beautiful traditional Polish restaurant

Pod Baranem is a beautiful restaurant. The traditional decor matches the food served and we really liked how it felt to be there. We visited it for a romantic dinner but we could see at least two big families there so it’s good for family occasions too. Book in advance to avoid disappointment (on a regular day the restaurant was packed when we got there).