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Top 10 traditional local dishes to try in Poland

Delicious dumplings served with a variety of fillings such as meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit. We love them all but the ones stuffed with strawberries or blueberries are just heavenly.

Polish Food


Zurek w chlebie
It’s the soured flour that gives zurek its distinctive taste. The soup is typically served in a bread bowl.

Zurek Polish Soup


A one-pot cabbage meal with meat, mushrooms and spices. It’s a very comforting dish that’s quintessentially Polish.

A traditional Polish cake served in most pastry shops (a pastry shop is called cukiernia). A delicious combo of soft sponge cake, dark chocolate, whipped cream and plum preserve.

Minced pork meat and white rice wrapped in cabbage leaves. They are served with delicious tomato sauce.

If you think a doughnut is just a doughnut, then you should really have a bite of the Polish paczek. Paczki (in the plural) are soft and filled with jam, chocolate or another delicious something. The ones with rose petal preserve are delectable!

Miod pitny
Poland has a centuries-old tradition of making mead. In winter they serve it hot and spiced with cinnamon. If you don’t drink, buy a jar of the original Polish honey as a healthy, natural and delicious souvenir.

Polish Food


A non-alcoholic beverage typically served with the main meal of the day. In summer try the strawberry one and in winter go for kompot z suszu (made with dried fruit and spices).

Potato pancakes traditionally served with goulash, mushroom sauce or sour cream. The translation doesn’t do justice to them because placki are deliciously crispy and really one of a kind.

Polish Food


Rolada z kluskami
Beef served with delicious dumplings, silky sauce and cooked red cabbage. The dumplings here are not pierogi but they’re super tasty too and incredibly soft.