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Visit Lodz Poland. Is it worth it?

The city of multicultural traditions and entrepreneurial spirit

As a former industrial town Lodz is undergoing a gradual transformation. It sets an inspiring example of how a city can save the best from its past and move forward. Once the manufacturing hub of central Poland, Lodz boasts an impressive number of beautiful revitalised factories which are now exhibition halls, stores, galleries, etc. The town also hosts a variety of events, including Festiwal Czterech Kultur. This festival celebrates the four nationalities that shaped Lodz: Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians.

Lodz Poland Things to do and see

Revitalised factory buildings in Lodz

Things to do and see in Lodz Poland

Authentic loft apartments

Although there are plenty of hotels here, you should probably consider a loft if you’re after authenticity and original interior design. Lofts in Lodz are not just modern flats with the industrial look. Located in old factory buildings, they’re genuine and have a true story to tell. Their high ceilings, divided-light windows and exposed bricks create unique ambience that you’ll feel from the first to the last minute of your stay.

Piotrkowska Street

The most famous street in Lodz is almost 2.5 miles (4.2 km) long. It has a plethora of shops, restaurants and bars and also hosts a large number of events. If you’re a fan of architecture, take a closer look at the beautiful townhouses built at the end of the 19th century.

The White Factory Lodz Poland

The White Factory

Historic & Revitalised Sights

Manufaktura, Ksiezy Mlyn, The White Factory (Biala Fabryka), the Karol Scheibler Palace, Muzeum Sztuki, the Izrael Poznanski Palace are among top must-see places in Lodz. They all carry a long history and have distinctive architectural features. Being former industrial sites, they now perform a number of important cultural roles for locals and tourists alike.

The Jewish Cemetery (Cmentarz Zydowski)

It seems highly unusual to consider a cemetery to be a place of interest but this one is definitely worth visiting. It’s steeped in history and has some truly impressive tombs and vaults, including the Poznanski Mausoleum.


The calendar of events in Lodz is rich and varied. From fashion and design to film and music there are festivals to suit all tastes. The undoubted highlights are Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Lodz Design Festival and Festiwal Lodz Czterech Kultur. Apart from these annual events, numerous concerts, exhibitions and fairs take place regularly across various locations in Lodz.

Poniatowski Park

Located in the town centre, this romantic park is a popular destination for couples, bikers and tennis players. It even has a ‘love lock’ bridge so take a padlock if you like.

The Botanical Gardens and the Glasshouse (Ogrod Botaniczny and Palmiarnia)

The Botanical Gardens and the Glasshouse are both perfect for romantic walks. Just remember they’re in two different locations.


A romantic rickshaw ride is a great alternative to walking. Head for Piotrkowska Street if you’d like to take it.

Eating out in Lodz Poland

Local cooking in Lodz stems from a unique mix of Polish, Jewish, Russian and German cuisine. The most traditional dishes are zalewajka (sour rye soup), prazoki (mashed potatoes), knedle (dumplings), sledz pod pierzynkÄ… (herring in sour cream) and piernik marchewkowy (carrot gingerbread). Some of the restaurants serving traditional food: Anatewka (Jewish food), Polka (traditional Polish cuisine), Servantka (East-European cusine, including Russian and Polish), Analogia (Polish, German, Russian and Jewish dishes).