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Weather in Krakow, Poland by month: January and February

Beautiful winter weather in Krakow, Poland

Visiting Krakow in January or February doesn’t seem a good idea (when you first think of it) as those are cold winter months. On the other hand, you can probably get better apartment/hotel rates because the Poles go skiing during the winter holidays, which means cities like Krakow have fewer tourists.

Anyway, with winter in full swing, expect below-zero temperatures, frosty scenery and rosy cheeks.

Make sure you bring really warm clothes; winter hats, snug boots and gloves are a must.

Average daytime temperatures in Krakow in January 2017:

2nd – 2°C (36°F)

6th – minus 11°C (12°F)

7th – minus 14°C (7°F)

13th – 6°C (43°F)

20th – minus 2°C (28°F)

30th – minus 1°C (30°F)

Average daytime temperatures in Krakow in February 2017:

1st – 1°C (33°F)

7th – minus 3°C (27°F)

11th – minus 6°C (21°F)

15th – 7°C (45°F)

22nd – 9°C (49°F)

To view Krakow weather live, visit the official Krakow website:

Weather Krakow Live Streaming

From the left side menu you’ll be able to select live streaming from four different locations around Krakow: Wawel Castle, Rynek Podgorski, Grodzka Street and Rynek Glowny (Main Square).

If you think about going to Poland in January or February, view our post Top 10 reasons to visit Poland in the wintertime.

January is actually the best month to go Skiing in Poland. As we saw in 2015 and 2016, the mountainous regions get considerably more snow in the first weeks of the new year than in December so it’s the right time to hit the slopes in the Beskids and the Tatras.

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